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About Us


INOWEAVE, an ODM (Own Design Manufacturing) Company established in 1987, with the focus on providing customized electronics solution to OEMs. We at INOWEAVE, design, develop and manufacture electronics according to specific requirement of each customer.


Equipped with well organized Development and Production department and efficient technical team to serve our valued customers. We offer low cost solution through Dedicated Designed and Programmed Logic Controllers (DDPLC). Traditionally used PLC is very useful for small quantity. But when used in quantity DDPLC has advantageous edges like.


          Prices much lower to PLC

          Difficult to copy as non standard hardware

          Higher Level of user's friendliness can be incorporated




          Much complicated Algorithms can be easily achieved

          Price is about 60 % or lower of PLC.

          With PLC any application can be copied easily as hardware is available as standard. In DDPLC both hardware and software are specially designed for OEM.

          Higher level of userís friendliness can be achieved as DDPLC are specially designed. Keys and Display are designed as per operational convenience of each product.

          DDPLC is made on OEMís brand name hence gives better impact to overall product.

          Replacement order comes to OEM and not to DDPLC manufacturer.

          Replacement of card is comparatively easy as they are specially designed and fitted, which makes it cost effective


          Minimum quantities of 100 or above.

          Replacement spares are not available as standard and has to come from manufacturer (yet it is cost effective to maintain spares because of price advantage.)

          One cannot change program in field by him self (options can be programmed for expected variables).

          Unexpected changes require change of program and replacement of Program I.C in field by technician.

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